The Evolution of Everyday Strife

by Pure Evil Trio

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released June 8, 2007

Az- Guitar/Vocals, Abel - Bass/Vocals, John - Drums/Cymbals.

Recorded by Fred Rodrigues at the Piano Factory in Glebe, 2005.
Vocals recorded in The Pond, Marrickville, 2007.
Mixed by Fred and Pure Evil Trio.
Mastered by Tim Carr at 301.

Originally released on CD by Spin Control / Tenzenmen, 2007.




Pure Evil Trio Australia

Born of colliding chaos and the noise of the raging elements.

Dead from the neck down, October 2014.

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Track Name: True 'til Death
To myself... true'til fucking death.
Track Name: Continuous High-Impact Control
Deep shaking bloodbroken streets. Edit. Grass of bone spiking feet on a journey to shit. Splitting truth like atoms (you know what happens...) A feast. Gorge. Coded options for sale. Polite violence severs. Bones, bones, bones to light the way. A graveyard, bleak and lacking meaning. They never look at themselves. White and right. They never look at themselves. Eyes closed tight. Yet a war by any other name would still be a fucking construct of bourgeois repression and capital in motion. Suppress and destroy for the benefit of lies told. Keeping rich rich and poor poor, maintain corporate control. The true cost left untold. Bullshit flies faster than fucking bullets.
Track Name: S.I.Blues
It's my world but everyone's invited to view the specimen on the driest fragment. My green patch of universe where the true are kept distant. Plastic smiles are fought on all fronts. I'm an S.I.B. case and I'm running scared. I'm just getting started or falling off. In the cage, ain't getting fatter. For a fortunate son the facts are thin on the ground. It's diaphragm breathing. A farce, but it gets you by. In mezzo piano for small divisions of time.
Track Name: Approaching Oblivion
Reset the clocks and plant the bombs. The times short, the fuse is long. We'll stand round while you suffer. We'll make jokes that we'll call lives and laugh until we die of boredom. BOREDOM. It's such fun to wander and watch all these monkeys filling themselves brimful of emptiness until it overflows and echoes. We won't be here for long… Human waste of space. Engineer our own demise. Let's hope everything else survives.
Track Name: Takeover
Disconnect product from source. Repackaged, renamed and recontextualised. Concern for profit over all. A cynical marketing ploy. I hear a new sound, rising up from underground. You can't touch us. This noise is ours.
Track Name: No Compromise in the Pursuit of Failure
This is the void. Watch. Looking back at you. Watch what you see here. Behold a warning. Choices are curses. Curses are well-worn, out of the mouths of fools. This is where we talk shit. This is a fucking joke. This is where we fuck up. This is where we fall in. No compromise in the pursuit of failure. No compromise in the pursuit of self-hate. I know everything but I can't find any meaning. I have everything but I don't give a fuck. Fuck it all. Convicted for having no conviction. Total isolation against social integration. All life is a fart in a bathtub. Nothing ever changes? Nothing never changes. Blah blah blah blah…
Track Name: Grinding Gears
My ocular units leak no tears. My torso full of grinding gears. See my clamp hands that crush all I try to hold close to me. Social automaton. Programmed. Emotional automaton. I am a robot I am. I am a robot. Robot I am. Process process process is what I do with everything. I can't feel anything. They say that I'm not human. Point fingers and hate me. Data decays, please deactivate me.
Track Name: I Am a Robot
I am a robot. Zeroes and ones. Task without purpose. Programmed, automated, endless repetition. Life without meaning. ROBOT!! ROBOT! Yeah. Function is god.
Track Name: Weapons of Crass Deconstruction
Weapons inspectors scratching their heads. Tax collectors clutching at threads. Nations united, or such is their guise,while string-pullers activate power by spreading their lies. The unrepresented majority know of other ways, while trigger fingers grow itchier every day. Warplanes are roosting, economy needs boosting, people are dying. Which way to turn? Why won't they learn? It's never worked before so the solution is waging more war? Morons. The fool at the helm is glad to witness the chaos ensue. Once the momentum has built it will be far to hard to undo. Decision is final and will not reverse. We don't need a leader, they just make this worse.